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The rise and fall of Aztec Ruins culture occurred centuries before the Central American peoples. Because Chaco is considered to be the center of the Hisatsinom culture, Aztec Ruins and Salmon Ruin are called outliers of that center. Aztec Ruins is located at nearly a half-way point between Chaco, 65 miles to the south, and Mesa Verde, 40 miles northwest. Chaco Canyon had a main occupation from 1050 to 1150, and Mesa Verde was mainly occupied between 1200 and 1275. History …

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…name smell bad to the court of the living, so that it will go well for us and for the jury and so the judge will be happy. Don't tell lies against me beside the god. See: your [own] reputation is involved. Although vandalized by Hatshepsut's foes and buried in sand for centuries, the Senmut's masterpiece loses no splendor. It is an incredible expression of the absolute power of a pharaoh, whether woman or man.