Rose Schneiderman and the Triangle Fire

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A Review of the Essay "Rose Schneiderman and the Triangle Fire" Reported by Leslie Regina Goodson The American History Illustrated, published in July of 1981, featured an essay by Bonnie Mitelman. The essay expounds on the tragedy of a horrific fire at the Triangle Waist Company on March 25, 1911 and the impetus it had on a union activist, Rose Schneiderman. Ms. Mitelman emphasizes the altering change such a tragedy can have on an individual, a small community, …

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…Her call for action brought about change that took years, but had a lasting affect that reached all across our nation then and for decades to come. Ms. Mitelman eloquently brings forth in her essay how the tragic fiery deaths of those unfortunate workers cemented the fellowship of the Eastern European community, encouraged cooperation among unions, brought about awareness and support from a blind populace, safety in the work place and support for union recognition.