Roosevelt and Wilson Two Peas From Different Pods

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Throughout history, leaders have used various means to achieve the same ends. Roosevelt and Wilson are prime examples of this fact. Both were products of an age of reform, Progressivism. Both Presidents led America through an era of change, and did so well. However, each man approached the task while incorporating his own individual values and character. Yet although Roosevelt and Wilson differed greatly, both were effective presidents. Roosevelt and Wilson equally looked with disdain …

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…seize power from aristocrats by confiscating some of their money. Meanwhile, the calm, benevolent Wilson assumed the role of a philanthropist who gave power to the people. However, both leaders prevailed during difficult economic times and steadied the nation; in so doing, each was effective domestically. The differing personalities of Roosevelt and Wilson led them to use different means, but they both attained the same ends; and each has left a lasting legacy of reform.