Romeo and Juliet why they died

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Romeo & Juliet Essay Romeo and Juliet is about two young lovers born of different rivaling families. The two lovers fall in love only too find that their families are enemies. Romeo wants to stop at nothing to have Juliet his love. The feud soon causes their deaths and many others hurt. In the beginning the feud is reignited by these simple lines: If you start a quarrel Im ready. My master is as good …

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…death. Enraged he goes and gets poison. Later Paris finds Romeo and attacks him Romeo Enraged and Saddened kills Paris. Romeo drinks the poison as Juliet wakes. Juliet takes her knife and kills her self with it. The Play is a classic the feud was torrent but never to strong to over come for only after the death of their beloved children did Montague and Capulet finally the feud ends. There killed many innocent people.