Rome in High Renaissance

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The Renaissance, which began in Italy in the13th century, was one of the largest periods of growth and development in Western Europe. It started in many rich Italian cities, such as Florence, Milan, Venice and Rome. In this period of time those Italian-cities were transformed from communes to territorial states. Rome is described in the book “Renaissance Rome”, by Peter Partner as one of the Italian-cities that have been totally changed in this period. …

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…an empty city before the year 1500, to a new beautiful city. The reader when gets to the end of the book, will know everything about this period of time, from the worrier Pope Julius 11(1503-1513) to the cruel Pope Paul 1V(1555-1559). This book can be considered a good choice for all the people that are interested in Europe History and in special in the Renaissance period, which is very well covered in this book.