Rome-Western Civilization

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So the Roman Empire has just conquered you. We feel that you should be proud to be part of our state. Hopefully you will feel better after reading this essay. Romeís history starts with the birth of Romulus and Remus, twins born of a Greek god and a human woman. The twins founded Rome in 753BC, Romulus built his settlement on the Palatine Hill, while Remus choose the Aventine. Jealous of his brotherís …

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…whole. We now truly make laws for Rome. You see, thatís on of the reasons I love Rome so much. Even in the face of adversity, we seem to pull through for the good of all. Of course we slip and fall some times, but we are the first to realize this and right our wrongs. Now that youíve heard all of this, perhaps you can feel what its like to be Roman.