Romantic vs Neoclassic

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Throughout history, the arts and literature have been a form of rationalization of the minds and thoughts of an artist or writer. The progression or regression of knowledge over a period of time can be chronicled or mapped with the use of the literature and arts of these artists. More specifically, the major shift in thinking from 18th-century Neoclassicism to 19th-century Romanticism can be seen in the works of Alexander Pope and William Wordsworth. A …

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…Childhood.”, especially in his use of language throughout the poem. Language such as, “The Moon doth with delight” (line12) and “Then sing, ye Birds, sing, sing a joyous song!” (Line168) It is this extensive use of vivid language that force the reader to use their imagination and visualize the events or images in the poem. They can then relate to these events or images and in turn become an active participant in reading the poem.