Roman Polanski's Macbeth vs. Shakear

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Critique of Roman Polanski's Macbeth Roman Polanski's version of Macbeth, in my opinion, lived up to the Shakespeare's play. Although there were many minor changes in the play the plot stayed the same. One commendable change on Polanski's part was the way he sensationalized the violence. There weren't that many violent scenes but those few very extremely violent. I had thought myself to be completely desensitized to violence until I watched this movie. One of …

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…help but feel a great deal of hatred towards Macbeth. Macbeth became the embodiment of evil. Any feeling of remorse or sympathy for Macbeth was completely abolished. All that said and done, I liked the movie a lot. And that is pretty good since I've rarely enjoyed a movie as much as the literary version. I would have made many of the same changes as the director had. An excellent rendition of an excellent play.