Role of Art and Politics in the Italian Rennaissance

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Greg Murphy 10/10/00 Paper 1 The Relationship Between Art and Politics During the Italian Renaissance During the Renaissance, art and politics were two very powerful and celebrated arenas of Italian culture. Art at this time was seen as a connection that was being established between the surreal and everyday life. Art was the most obvious sign of the awakening that was occurring to pull these people out of the Dark Ages. People, such as da Vinci, Michelangelo, …

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…upper hand because he can and will use force to get his way and the artist has no choice in the matter. There is a chance that these two groups could have gotten along had they not both been so worshiped by the masses. Once they brought their collective egos to the table there wasn’t nearly enough room for the both of them and it was the art that was first to be sacrificed.