Rogerian argument as to why we as U.S. citizens need better clarification of the probable cause definition surrounding search and seizure laws.

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JUSTICE OR JUST-ICE ? How would you like to return home from a five day hunting trip (it is late because you just spent the last six hours driving to get home) you unload your car, then decide to go to your local watering hole so you can brag about your big kill. After a few drinks and a big brag session you return home only to find five or six police cars parked in front …

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…every new case that comes before the Supreme Court. I personally do not know what the answer or solution to the problem is, but I do believe that getting a clearer cut definition would give us a good starting point. Therefore I am asking everyone today to start asking questions about issues such as this, before you wake up one morning only to find that you have lost one of your most important constitutional rights.