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Rock Music Rock is a topic not often touched because of its complexity and its avoidance by conservative adults. Often viewed by them as “a bunch of noise”, Rock music is actually very complex. In fact, "It's stylistic scope is to broad to be encompassed by any single definition" ("Rock Music", Groliers, p.1). This music is characterized by using a heavy beat, with amplified guitars and drums. The nearest definition suggests that, in every era, …

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…can change. Rock has had many influences upon it in the past fifty years, and has gone through many changes also. I think that’s what makes rock so diverse and so complex. It’s not just “a bunch of noise”, it’s a product of our society and our history. Works Cited “Rock Music.” Grolier’s Encyclopaedia. 1994 ed. Grigadeaqn, Jerry M. “Rock Music.” The World Book Encyclopaedia. 1989 ed. “Rock Music.” Microsoft Encarta 95 Encyclopaedia. 1995 ed.