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Robots of Dawn / by Isaac Asimov This book is one of 3 books that make up The Robot Novels. Actually, almost all of Asimov’s novels are connected (and in an ingenious way, if I may add my opinion), but these three are related closely, because they are telling the story of the same two characters, through no more than a 10 year period. This series is connected to the other books, and so are all the …

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…book already, I must restrain my will to reveal it here. I can just say, that in the end, the reader understands that something there, served as a beginning, a basis to something described in other books of his, which I myself find very disturbing. And the fact, the realization (sudden understanding that certain fact) , that it began this way – is horrifying to me. John Wolfson ------------------------------------------------------------------------ **Bibliography** Robots Of Dawn - by Isaac Asimov