Robert Shulmans Dreiser and the Dynamics of American Capitalism

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Capitalism and Communism are two antagonist economic, political, and social systems. Capitalism is characterized by a free market for goods and private control of production and consumption, and by different social classes. In Communism calls for a classless society, where the leadership is in the hands of workers, and all means of production are owned in common, and not by the individuals. The fundamental theory of Communism is Marxism, which viewed political, social, and economic …

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…without ever completely satisfying it. The unsatisfied desire drives the consumer to continue buying more material goods and brings constant frustration of people. There is always something more to want. Carrie suffers from this kind of chronic dissatisfaction, which leaves her unfulfilled at the end of novel. In the second part of the essay, Shulman presents his critique and analysis over particular parts of Dreiserís novel and its characters applying his theory and belief.