Robert Frosts The Road Not Taken1

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“Robert Frost was one of the United States' best-loved poets. Frost was greatly influenced by his move from San Francisco to New England at the age of 11, his move to England when he was 37, and then his return to New Hampshire a couple of years later” (Knowledge Adventure 2). Robert Frost’s inspiration for his poetry came from within himself. His decisions concerning which direction his life would take can be seen in one of his …

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…of the poem, Frost knew what road he would take; but everyone is drawn to the easy road. He had a tough struggle deciding which one he wanted to take: road number one--easy life versus road number two--tougher life, but no idea where it leads. It wasn’t hard for him to decide which road he wanted to take, so he followed his instincts, and his choices in life is what brought him worldwide recognition.