Robert Frost Comparison of His Two Most Famous Works

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Robert Frost is America's most beloved poets. Throughout most of his work, we can see his ongoing battle between good and evil. In his works, we see many people who are forced to face challenges that are essential in the course of ones life. Frost exhibits these themes in "Stopping by Woods on a Snowy Evening" and in "The Road Not Taken" by capturing the essence of an individual that has encountered and persevered through …

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…are apparently in similar situations. Each has a certain decision that must be made. If their decisions were not thought through, the consequences could have proven to be detrimental. These poems show us that one should follow his own passion. Not following the passion that makes one strive could result in a life worth nothing, a life unfulfilled. In conclusion, one should take the longer path and not cheat themselves out of life by shortcuts.