Road Rage

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Title: Road Rage Topic: Road Rage Specific Purpose: To convince the audience to fight “road rage” by increasing driver awareness. Thesis Statement: Tonight, I want to talk to about road rage, which is becoming a growing epidemic affecting today’s roadways. INTRODUCTION Attention Material: “He cut me off.” “She wouldn’t let me pass.” “Nobody gives me the finger.” “I would never had shot him if he hadn’t rear-ended me.” “He practically ran me …

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…some brief statistic and facts, and a couple of do-it-yourself tests.) CONCLUSION Summary Statement: So in ending I encourage you to take this information I have given to you, and follow it, even share it with your family and friends. Road rage is an epidemic whose cure is a change of attitude by everyone, so on your trip home this evening remember to be courteous to other drivers and drive “defensively.” Concluding Remarks: ------------------------------------------------------------------------ **Bibliography**