Road Less Traveled by William Peck

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THE ROAD LESS TRAVELED DISCIPLINE The Discipline section of M. Scott Peck’s The Road Less Traveled first deals with life’s difficulties. He makes it clear that we all have problems and pain but we have to deal with it to get by and to make life less difficult. “Life is difficult... Once we truly know that life is difficult--once we truly understand and accept it--then life is no longer difficult. Because once it …

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…with open arms. People who accept Grace “prepare ourselves to be a fertile ground, a welcoming place. If we can make ourselves into totally disciplined, wholly loving individuals, then, even though we may be ignorant of theology and give no thought to God, we will have prepared ourselves well for the coming of grace.”(p.307) Peck says that we not only choose grace, but grace chooses us. This is what he concludes the book with.