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Riske vs. Reserved Women in the 20th century would most likely stand out if she were to be transported back into the time of Chaucer’s The Canterbury Tales. Women during the 14th century were to be “seen and not heard”. Their rights in society as well as their role was subordinate to medieval man’s. In specifically two tales of The Canterbury Tales, Chaucer expresses his opinionated views of the manners and behaviors of …

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…Prioress as opposed to the offensive behaviors of the Wife of Bath. The Wife of Bath, even in today’s society, would be viewed as somewhat debauched. Therefore, one can only imagine how she is viewed in a time where the Catholic Church had an upper hand in influence of civilization. Chaucer’s descriptions pertaining to general mannerisms and appearance, education, and especially their interactions with men, bluntly points out the ideal 14th century women.