Rights and Freedoms guaranteed in the Charter should be limited. They should not be absolute. Discuss.

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This essay states and explains the reason behind this statement. It explains some of the Charter's effects and limitations. I have examined several ponit of views in this esssay such as the historical point of view, the moral/ethical point of view and the current point of view. I have supported and explained these points through a well know quote about absolute power by Lord Acton,an English historian. Lord Acton, an English historian, once …

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…limit on government's power, this can not happen in today's world. We are protected by our own limits. I think we should never argue about the limits on our rights and freedoms in the Charter. So you see, compared to the past, I believe our rights and freedoms are eternal and absolute. Just remember the limits work in our favor and that whether it is absolute power, rights and/or freedoms, they will corrupt absolutely.