Right Theory

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Right Theory: 1. Rights create obligations, type of moral discourse & involve agents, being who act & are acted upon. People are given obligations to respect your rights. There is no right to obligate other people rights. (Conventional rights: Created by group of people as law or regulation in our society. Ex: right to vote, to purchase weapon; Moral rights: Discovered from generation to generation, these are universal rights & they exist because of the nature of things) 2. Bilevel …

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…caring is inside of it. 2. We are not obligated to care for starving children who fall outside our "inner circle" in an ethics of caring because we have to feed the inside our "inner circle" first, our "inner circles" adequately as "ones-caring" or "caring one" and receiving the other calls on our obligations will be limited quite naturally. And not obligated to care for others when completing such caring could require abandoning the inner circle