Ride of the Second Horseman

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Robert O’Connell explains to us the decline of organized warfare between people. This is stated in three different regions of argument; the nomads having to change to cope with the new geographic changes find it easier to just try to take the agriculturalists food sources rather then find their own. Second the new divisions of government cause a more humanistic approach to settle disagreements rather then warfare, and thirdly the total demise of how …

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…not sanguine about the future. They viewed their own society as marching toward perdition, and instead looked back fondly to the Western Chou as a sort of golden era of relative tranquility and goodwill.’(170) Do we look back on ourselves as a global society and do the same or do we linger on what could come about tomorrow. Works Cited O’Connell, Robert, Ride of the Second Horseman. Oxford University Press, New York, New York. 1995.