Richard Wright's novel, "Native Son".

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For Rich or For Poor? Since time began, there has been a never-ending struggle between people of different backgrounds. This includes differences such as race, social standing, and financial stability. Although the United States has spent the last two hundred years making sure that every American is treated equally and justly, these same struggles still occur today. In Richard Wright's novel, Native Son, he illustrates the conflicts between the rich and poor in 1930's Chicago …

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…Bigger is destined to do what he did. Had communism and its ideas been introduced, the proletariats would have had no reason to stay at the bottom of the social ladder and depend on the bourgeoisie for their very existence. They would have controlled their own destiny and chosen the path that they take. Instead they must sit, stagnate, waiting to run the predetermined course that heads toward the inevitable conclusion to their meaningless lives.