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Kreon’s Tragedy In Sophocles’ Antigone, the struggles the main character, Antigone, faces concerning the burial of her brother, Polyneices, evoke a wide array of emotions towards Creon. Antigone is portrayed as a woman acting out of obligation and duty, to the gods, her family, and her conscience. She faces overwhelming odds and incredible hardships for doing what she knew was right, which was what led her to the death sentence from Creon. Creon is …

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…side with Antigone as she fought and died for her brother's last dignity, and to release his soul to the next world. Polyneices was a human being deserving of proper ceremony and burial regardless of his actions in life. Should not Creon himself under his own law, be denied a burial due to the deaths of innocent people he caused? No, Creon deserves that right, regardless of the decisions he made in his mortal life.