Review of the Filipino sitcom "Kool Ka Lang"

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"Kool Ka Lang" What can be a more potent source of humor than sex? And who can resist those naughty one-liners every now and then? "Kool ka Lang" is certainly one sitcom that never lacks such perversity. "Kool ka Lang," which airs at around 9:20 pm every Tuesday on GMA7, is a show that revolves around the funny and unusual people of Baranggay Dagat-dagatan. Though it is far from being brilliant and the intelligent wit in …

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…stupid. It is, however, amazingly entertaining, acerbically funny and does contain a whole lot of green jokes(this makes it definitely worth your time). So if you're so primitive and sad that you actually don't own a TV, beg your friend to invite you over this Tuesday night. I guarantee that by 10 p.m. you'll be spending that hard-earned college money on a big screen and surround-sound because come next Tuesday, you'll already be hooked.