Review of Gil Bailie's Book: "Violence Unveiled: Humanity at the Crossroads"

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Accounts of what can no longer be termed "unspeakable" acts of violence and terror assault us daily. Newspapers and televisions capture the carnage and chaos that increasingly suggest the near-death of civility and the sure unraveling of the fabric of culture and society. How are we to understand the escalation of violence that threatens us as individuals and as a society? What are we to do in the face of the societal and cultural disintegration …

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…his analysis of the erosion of our social stability remains compelling. Recognizing that we shall not long survive in a world marked by escalating violence, we may be tempted to turn to solutions that are themselves violent. Violence Unveiled argues convincingly that our cries for vengeance, understandable though they may be, are not viable alternatives to the violence that surrounds and threatens us. Gil Bailie does not flinch in setting before us this harsh fact.