Review of A Child In Time by Ian McEwan

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Although most remembered for his earlier work, The Cement Garden, McEwan's more recent work of fiction, A Child In Time, offers a very different perspective into the theme of childhood - this time an adult's understanding of a juvenile world. The novel has been highly critically acclaimed since its first publication, and despite its disjointed prose style and at times ambiguous thread of McEwan's plot, it consistently proves a popular literary work nearly five years …

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…narrative style into something far more involving and experimental. Although the jargon-laden language used in some place in the novel requires more sustained concentration for the less-scientifically minded reader, the book will nevertheless prove popular with both existing fans of McEwan and newer readers alike. McEwan has once again proven himself to be one of the most original English writers to emerge in recent years, and this eerie tale may well prove to be unmissable.