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The movie Gettysburg while doing a great job telling the story of the summer days of 1863, I did not like it for it was very long and drug out the story in my opinion. The story tells the story of only a few days in the summer of 1863; June 30, 1863, the day before the battle of Gettysburg, marks the begging of the movie and mainly focuses on Colonel Joshua Chamberlain and his defense of Little Round …

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…also some modifications to the land and in the scene where General Longstreet says he has never left the enemy in position of the field this is inaccurate for he retreated in the Battle of Antietam. However, the movie is full of great detail and few mistakes and this all contributes the lengthy movie. Yet, it still does a great job at displaying what happened in Gettysburg and shows its importance to United States History.