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The Republic II By Plato In Book II of the Republic, Socrates and others begin an inquiry into the real nature of justice and injustice and their respective advantages. Although Socrates makes the statement, "Now as we are not remarkably cleverů" his suggestion on how to proceed with this inquiry yields a very clever analogy. Socrates compares looking for the true nature of justice with a shortsighted person trying to read small inscription from a …

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…spirited, and philosophical. A well-bred dog will react harshly to a stranger but will welcome someone he knows. In my opinion, it is possible that a comparison can be made relating this behavior to justice and injustice. If we are to agree that the two are contrary, as are justice and injustice, one can make a correlation between the two respectively. We can correlate welcoming behavior with justice and acting harshly with injustice. ------------------------------------------------------------------------ **Bibliography**