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Report on Music Recitals A senior, Gwendolyn Lee Keith, at the University of Kentucky Singletary Center performed her recital. Her voice was that of the highest female voice the soprano. Gwendolyn performed many pieces, which my program did not have. The first piece had the accompaniment of a string instrument (piano) and a woodwind instrument (flute). This piece as well as many of the other pieces exhibited the use of crescendos and decrescendos. The remainder …

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…reeling, Mein Eingeweide. My entrails are burning. Nur wer die Sehnsucht kennt Only one who knows longing WeiB, was ich leide! Knows what I suffer! (Schubert: Gretchen am Spinnrade). Work Cited Kahl, Willi. Verzeichnis des Schrifttums uber Franz Schubert. Regensburg, Bosse, 1938. Sadie, Stanley. The Grove Concise Dictionary of Music. MacMillan Press Ltd.,Londen. February 1, 1996. Schubert: Gretchen am Spinnrade. **. September 28, 2000. Yudkin, Jeremy. Understanding Music. Printice-Hall, Inc. 1996, 1999. ------------------------------------------------------------------------ **Bibliography**