Report on Lady of Angels Fire

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This Documentary narrated the tragedy of the Our Lady of Angels School. On December 1st, 1958, at the end of the day, as students waited for the final bell, a fire raged unnoticed in the northeast stairwell. By the time they became aware of it, the fire has rampaged the second floor. Trapped students were propelled to make the painful decision between jumping out of the window and remaining inside the raging inferno. Firefighters and other …

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…not only because it happened within our periphery, but also because its impact on safety requirements of our schools. Students are much more familiar with fire drill procedures than in the past and each school is sufficiently equipped to cope disastrous fire. Nevertheless, students should take fire alarms more seriously; some students pull the alarms simply as means to skip a test or so, I hope they will realize the true value of these equipments.