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Renaissance Etiquette As Italy and the rest of Europe entered the final stages of the Renaissance, a new set of rules concerning etiquette and manners of the upper-class were put into practice. These new rules, along with their influence, can be attributed mainly to Baldesar Castiglione. In 1528, Castiglione wrote and published a book entitled The Courtier, which would influence both Italian lifestyles and literature for centuries. The Courtier was a used mostly by the Italian …

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…and what he should spend his time doing. The epitome of Castiglione’s courtier would be a gentleman who was extremely versatile in all matters, including art, sports, and knowledge. The rules that Castiglione came up with were used for centuries afterwards and all over the world. Baldesar Castiglione has been called the “Miss Manners” of his time because he defined the social etiquette of the Renaissance, which had a lasting impact on future generations.