Religious Freedoms and the Puritans

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Religious Freedom and the Puritan’s By: Jen Owen The word Puritan is defined as a number of Protestant groups that, beginning about 1560, wanted to “purify” the Church of England (Literature 5th edition, 9). Not much is to be known about this group of people who came to the New World in search of religious freedom. However, through all the illness's, deaths, Indian raids, brisk winters, and famine, this group of people somehow roughed it and …

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…something different in America. May it be a long life, a wealthy lifestyle or even as simple as owning a house of their own. When it came to the Puritans wants in life, all they wanted was to seek political asylum from the church of England and to find a place where their religion can be practiced without the their lives being threatened. And when they came to America, they found that place. ------------------------------------------------------------------------ **Bibliography**