Relationships in Margaret Laurence's "The Stone Angel"

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In Margaret Laurence's novel, The Stone Angel, Hagar Shipley experiences many different relationships. The key relationships in her life are all with men; her respectful but cold relationship with her father, her impersonal relationship with her husband Bram Shipley, her one-sided, protective relationship with John, and her distant but ultimately redeemed relationship with Marvin are each important aspects of her life. Hagar's first key relationship is with her father, Jason Currie. This relationship has its …

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…with Marvin the most ultimately successful one in her life. In the end, Hagar's key relationships vary greatly; some are defined by respect and others are defined by a lack of emotion of any kind. Others still find their basis in too much or too little love. Ultimately, Hagar's achievement of self-realization before her death leads her to redeem at least one of the key relationships in her life - redeeming herself in the process.