Regret by Kate Chopin vs My Oedipus Complex by Frank OConnor

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Everyone has a family or at least knows a family, so everyone can relate to a story about family. “Regret, by Kate Chopin, and “My Oedipus Complex,” by Frank O’Connor, are two very different stories about the same thing – family. “Regret,” a tale about an older woman, who, never having married or had children, gets her first experience with them by taking care of her neighbor’s children for a short while, and “My …

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…the two endings, the message is still the same; a complete family is most fulfilling to the majority of people. Both “Regret” and “My Oedipus Complex” offer the same opinion, which is having a complete family is the ultimate, best goal of every man and woman. Not having a family, or having an incomplete one, is not a fulfilling alternative. You may very well disagree with the stories’ message, but the message is very clear.