Recurring Images and Motifs in Walt Whitman's “Crossing Brooklyn Ferry”

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Recurring Images and Motifs in “Crossing Brooklyn Ferry” In the poem “Crossing Brooklyn Ferry”, by Walt Whitman, there are many recurring images and motifs that can be seen. Whitman develops these images throughout the course of the poem. The most dominant of these are the linear notion of time, playing roles, and nature. By examining these motifs and tracing their development, ones understanding of the poem becomes highly deepened. Whitman challenges the linear notion of …

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…poem with the idea it would be read hundreds of years later. It is apparent that there is a connection between people and their roles, nature, and time. As times goes on thus nature goes on. People continue to hide behind roles, unable to be as that of nature--unjudging. Nature will continue to exist as the people around it continue to stay the same, hurrying along in the masses oblivious to the wonders around them.