Reconstruction after the Civil War

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Presidential and Radical Republican reconstruction did not ultimately heal the wounds of the Civil War. The efforts of the moderate Congress and special interest agencies also helped to put the Union back together. In 1864, the Radical Republicans were characterized by vindictiveness towards the ex-Confederates. Their Wade-Davis Bill included harsh restrictions, including the repudiation of state debts by nullifying Confederate bonds and barring former secessionist official from voting. Similarly, President Johnson had virtually no vision of …

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…helped to elect Ulysses S. Grant as President. Under his Presidency, but clearly not due to him, blacks became more involved in politics, although this was temporary. In addition, Southern and Northern business leaders began to think nationally and concentrate on the United States as a Union. This incredible transformation from the destruction and anger from a few years before was due to a number of interests was certainly not Presidential or Radical Republican forces.