Reconstructing a Crime Scene

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It was a gorgeous Thursday afternoon. The men were in the family room watching the special Thanksgiving Day football game. The Chicago Bears were playing against the Minnesota Vikings. Norton McCarthy and his brother-in-law, Simon Fletcher, were wagering as to whom had the better offense. From looking at the score, you would have to agree with Norton; the Vikings--deep in Bear's territory--were winning, 24-7, late in the fourth quarter. As the Vikings scored yet another …

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…simply shook his head, and said, "What is this world coming to." Mary and Sarah swore no knives were missing from either their households. The police could not find many witnesses. However, Erin and Stan Johnson--The McCarthy's neighbors--after a lengthy interrogation, did recall seeing a red Ford Escort with rust spots drive into the McCarthy's driveway at approximately 5:00 p.m. Yet, they could not recall if the car was "big or small, dark or light."