Reasons for US involvement in WWI

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The United States was never neutral throughout The Great War, despite Wilsonís declaration of neutrality, and a direct declaration of war against the Central Powers was an inevitable occurrence. When war erupted in Europe in 1914, it was impossible for the United States, an emerging world power, to avoid conflict despite its efforts to. President Wilson immediately issued a declaration of neutrality because entering into a war would be against the prevalent progressive spirit of …

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…further swaying Americans to action. These actions by Germany left America with little recourse other then to declare war. Furthermore, on March 21, 1917, Russia underwent a revolution with plans to set up a democracy. This made it much easier for America to declare war, for they were now fighting for France, Great Britain, and Russia, three democracies. On April 6, 1917, the United States declared war on Germany and began mobilization, resulting in an Allied victory by November 1918.