Reasons for European Expansion

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The Reasons Underlying European Expansion and Exploration It remains unclear why humanity chose a relatively spontaneous moment to matriculate from the sheltered semicircle of Mediterranean lands, to expand to the farthest reaches of the earth, with an inchoate disregard for personal welfare. However, pretentious man feels the need to speculate and impart drivelous reason, vain though it be: What were the causes of European expansion? An anonymous author proffers this model conjecture, “Western Europe’s …

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…of Spain, England, and France served as a means to propel the denizens of these countries westward, towards the sea which surrounded them all on at least 2 sides and pointed them towards the New World and trading in Africa. The particular kind of centralized governments at the time was also important, financing, and encouraging these expeditions. They were not, however, the predominating driving force that lead to the discovery of the rest of the world.