Reaganomics the best plan for the 80s

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If an actor can not when an Emmy, the prestige award of the silver screen, then is in it ironic that he can become our forty if president. Reaganís goal was to increase jobs for Americans, and by implementing his Supply-side theory he captured his goal. After the Carter administrative Reagan was forced to work with a very high unemployment rate. Reagan needed to put Americans in to jobs, and also increase the money …

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…its knees, without increasing the defense-spending ratio, ending a 40-year cold war. His economic policy changed America and prepared us for the fast move in the 90ís. When Reagan left office in 1988 the economy was booming and communism was defeated. Reagan was the only president who defeated communism do to the expansion of the armed forces. Although much money was poured into the military, the American people never had to worry about the red scare