Rasputin and His Influence On The Royal Family.

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Because of Rasputin's healing abilities Alexandra became very dependant on him, and ignored his evil ways. Rasputin supposedly had "healing powers"that he used to heal people in strange and unique ways. One thing that the tsarina Alexandra and the rest of the royal did not notice or ignored, was the fact that Rasputin had an evil side to him. Rasputin definitely had a rise to power he went from a Siberian peasant, to a …

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…than evil, he could have been one of the most powerful leaders known to date. Even though this great man was able to hide his "true" self from the Tsar and Tsarina, he was not able to hide the way he really was from the Russian people. And because of that,everyone in Russia knew about his evil ways, except for the Royal family, who were too blinded by the health of their son Aleksey.