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Rasputin Grigory (or Gregory) Rasputin is without question one of the most sensational figures in Russian history. This mystic from Siberia arrived in St. Petersburg in 1911 and within a few years had become one of the most influential men in government. His ability to remain in such a high position despite widely publicized periods of drinking and womanizing is no doubt, the source of great envy among political figures around the world today. Rasputin's rise …

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…fled the cellar, screaming for help; when they all returned Rasputin was gone. They later found him in the yard crawling towards the front gate and began to shoot and bludgeon him. They then bound him in carpet and tossed him into the river. When Rasputin's body was found, he was untied and his lungs were found to be filled with water, showing that he didn't actually die until he was thrown into the river.