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The character Rodion Romanovna Raskolnikov from Fyodor Dostoevsky's novel Crime and Punishment is a classic example of a tragic hero. His life as a man of many redeeming qualities takes a turn for the worst as his desires to improve his existence lead him to surrender to temptations that inevitably ruin his life. Fortunately, Raskolnikov's life does not end in tragedy, for he is able to find comfort and peace of mind through the unconditional …

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…a tragic hero, but what saves him from utter destruction is the love that is poured in from his mother, Dounia, Razumihin, and Sonia. Raskolnikovís greedy desire to improve his life and his inability to live with his guilt lead him to the brink of death. It is only through the love of his family and friends that Raskolnikov is able to move on with life, and to have hope for a better future.