"Raptor Red" by Robert T. Bakker

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Raptor Red By: Robert T. Bakker         "A pair of fierce but beautiful eyes look out form the dull green undergrowth of the conifers that bound the edge of mud flats and river beds. The eyes follow every movement among the great herd of plant eating dinosaurs that mills around in the open meadows, feeding high in the trees and sniffing the air for danger. The eyes belong to a female Utahraptor. " The female Utahraptor from …

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…Raptor Red is a very smart creature. When she hunts, she and the other one or two Utahraptors communicate without any language. Yet they manage to bring down the animals that are ten times bigger than they are. These dinosaurs hunt in packs of one to three animals. They have instinct that tells them where to attack from and how to coordinate their attack to other dinosaurs.          Raptor Red is a great book about Utahraptors.