Rape: Is It taken as seriously as it should?

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What is rape? Rape, regardless of who commits it, is a felony of sexual assault that leaves the victim injured and traumatized. Rape is a misleading term which describes a serious crime. Also is misunderstood and under reported. Rape is the common cause of dieases, physical and emotional injuries, and unwanted pregnancies. Sexual assualt is an act of power and control and is not related to "sexual urge". All forms of sexual assault are crimes …

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…say so and be prepared to assert your refusal if your date persists. Learn a self-defense technique that will provide you with an option, if you are attacked. So parents, talk to your kids. Victims, talk to your parents, friends, teachers, or other important people in your life. Get help for yourself and the people around you. Rape is not taken as seriously as it should. But it should be. Let your voice be heard!