"Rainbow Six" by Tom Clancy

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It isn't often that a writer can script many lengthy novels using the same characters. Often the books themselves are rather short, or have certain shortcomings. Tom Clancy is proof that it is possible. Writing many best-selling thousand-page novels, often with the same characters, at different times in their lives. Four of his novels have even put screenplays into movies, and one even has a video game bases on it. Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six is …

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…they would have had to have the Olympics in 2001, which didn't happen. This novel was written before the paranoia of terrorism really reached the lengths it is functioning at today. The well trained operatives carry out their missions in Clancys vast and versatile vocabulary that vaults the reading into their imagination to witness a medium armored man jump over a table to disable a bad guy with a gun in the back of their mind.