Railroads and growth of the west

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RAILROADS AND THE GROWTH OF THE WEST The Railroad affected The United States in its own unique way. One of the most notable railroads of its time was Union Pacific Railroads’ first transcontinental line, “the greatest and most daring engineering effort the country had yet seen.” This particular line was built in the mid to late 1860’s. During this time period it is said that America had a Railroad Fever. The goals of the transcontinental …

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…look once again to the railroad train for swift, reliable, luxurious travel, the corridor will emerge into public view not as wreckage, but as a wildered antique; something to be restored and modified as enthusiastically as the wildered rural Northeast in 1915. Once again, its components will deserve notice, and once again the environment unique to the high iron will prosper. Once again, Americans will hearken to the locomotive whistle, the sound of the metropolitan corridor."