Rahotep and Nefret

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The Statues of Rahotep and Nefert The first thing that strikes an observer of these two statues is the excellent condition they are in. The paint on the two figures, Rahotep and Nefert, is extremely well preserved and there is only a miniscule amount of perceptible damage. Rahotep, who is seated on the left, retains the air of nobility and grandeur that a king’s son and high priest would have undoubtedly enjoyed during his …

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…reign of Sneferu, the first ruler of the Fourth Dynasty, and was one of the earliest chapels to be decorated with scenes of everyday life in raised relief. The chapel was adorned with a false door, in front of which offerings for the deceased would be placed, and was later walled off to prevent people from entering. The statues of Rahotep and Nefert were thus left undisturbed for thousands of years, perfectly preserving their condition.