Race and Intelligence - Are different races more intelligent than others?

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Race and Intelligence In the article by Stephan Jay Gould, "Racist Arguments and IQ", he writes, "The racist arguments of the 19th century were based primarily on craniometry, the measurement of human skulls. Today these contentions stand totally discredited. What craniometry was to the 19th century, intelligence testing has been to the 20th." On average Whites score about 15 IQ points higher than Blacks on the IQ tests. These Intelligence Quotient tests were written by white …

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…conditions, bad soil, not the optimum sunlight, watered irregularly. Most of these plants did poorly; yet they all had good genetic material, the potential to be healthy strong plants. They were not nurtured, rather they were neglected and the results were plainly evident. Children of today are just like these seeds, most have good genetic material, we as a society need to provide a good environment so they can make the most of their potential.