Race, Sexuality, and Discrimination: A look at prejudice through the book "Black Like Me," and the movie "Paris is Burning."

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Assume for a second that everyone is equal. All things considered, the mere deliberation of this draws close to impossibility. Identity is malleable. Cosmetics can be a simple change; both trans- sexuality and race modification are a tad more extreme venues of expression. Unfortunately, the populace acts differently to different people. Human nature rejects the alteration of the current social stratifications. This holds as much in the 1950?s, during the time when John Howard Griffin …

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…is not granted by the societal norms of the time. The converse was true for Griffin. It is hard to grasp why there is prejudice in modern America. It is east to fathom that change is a bad thing. Both ?texts? offer so many things: they are a commentary about materialism in our culture, about gender roles, about the wealthy and impoverished people, about the media and what it observes, and about fame and adulation.